Message from the President

Letter from the President

First of all I would like to introduce myself to the members of the Dermatological Society of Thailand. My name is Dr. Puan Suthipinittharm. I was selected to be the president of the Dermatological Society of Thailand on the 22nd of March, 2018. I must thank all the members for giving me the opportunity to act in this capacity on a 2-year term. I will do my utmost to manage the affairs of our society in order to accomplish the aims of our teachers and founders of this Society. These aims are:

    1. To assist and distribute the knowledge in dermatology and encourage the best clinical practices to the community
    2. To promote dermatological research in Thailand
    3. To encourage the discussion and knowledge exchange between members and also with the members of other dermatological societies both in Thailand and abroad
    4. To support and encourage friendship among members
    5. To aid and cooperate with governmental and private organizations in academic activities relating to dermatology
    6. To disseminate knowledge on dermatology and provide dermatological services to the people
    7. To be apolitical

Despite the fact that our world is constantly changing both in terms of knowledge, technology, economy, society and politics, the Dermatological Society of Thailand remains firmly on the path of nature and truth which benefit the people. We hope to accurately impart our knowledge at appropriate times, promote innovative research and find ways of solving dermatological problems for the society. I hope that every member will join us in helping to create a peaceful and civilised society. Should you have any recommendations, please send them in to the Society so that we can take actions that will be in everyone’s interests.

Dr. Puan Suthipinittharm
Dermatological Society of Thailand